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Alta Vista is committed to our clients who want to save time and money while focusing on what matters most: living the good life and enjoying peace of mind. Alta Vista Resources is a premier luxury lifestyle management service provider, offering high-end services for business professionals and absentee homeowners in Key West and beyond. It is the parent company of Alta Vista Services, a hands-on estate management company; and Alta Vista Business Center, supporting entrepreneurs and remote workers with modern, professional workspace as well as virtual office options.

Principal of Alta Vista Resources, LLC

Brandon D. Jones

Brandon Jones’ career has focused on service. First, service as human resource manager for multiple natural resource companies, helping area directors develop and manage their most important asset: people. He understands that for any business to be successful, people have to be motivated, trained and given the right resources and leadership.

Second, as a multinational business owner. After 10 years in the natural resources industry, Brandon joined and acquired ownership of a 114-year-old crisis management company, helping to transform it from a smaller niche business to a multinational company, serving well over 650 major corporations worldwide.

These roles meant extensive local and international travel, living and working in Europe, and meeting with those accustomed to a certain lifestyle and experience. As he took on these roles, he began to notice subtle but important points. He realized the difference a service system, based on almost invisible but well-trained support staff, could make in taking care of time-consuming needs; and that the money spent on that was not wasted, but allowed him to spend more time on business and maximizing his very limited leisure time. He also noted that areas with limited quality of service were not because of a lack of people, but because of the lack of well-trained and managed people.

This period of travel and interaction also reinforced the value of quality and substance: the need to adhere to proven quality in everyday things. This ranged from the very personal, such as clothing and accessories; to conducting business, such as the polish of meetings and social events.

When Brandon and his husband moved to the Keys to enjoy the weather of the tropics, cruising between the endless named and unnamed islands on their Beneteau, or spending evenings enjoying the sunsets, they realized something very important. To maintain the same level of quality and standards meant Brandon accumulating resources, sometimes from the ground up, and training people to provide the appropriate level of service, with quality and attention to detail.

He started by building a place to work: an office that met his standards. This simple act quickly grew into what is now the Alta Vista Business Center, a professional office that supports people like himself, entrepreneurs, and remote workers; with truly modern, professional workspace and virtual office support when working away from the office.  

Brandon then created Alta Vista Services, a leading luxury lifestyle management service provider for those who like him who enjoy living in the lower Florida Keys but have previously struggled to find that support at the level they are accustomed to and expect.

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